To BUY property in Portugal

To BUY property in Portugal

Investment costs

When you buy a property in Portugal, your investment costs may go up to 7% - 10% of the purchase price broken down as follows:

  • Lawyer's fees: 0.5% - 1.2% of the purchase price, some lawyers have fixed fees.
  • Notary cost, property registration and stamp duty 1% -3%
  • IMT (Property tax) 0% -10%. When you buy a property in Portugal you pay a property tax. The amount depends on the property's value and whether it is the first or a second home.

Promissory contract (CPCV)

The buyer and seller sign a document containing the agreed terms, price and date of the deed. It is common for the buyer to pay the seller a down payment when the CPCV is signed.

Escritura (Deed of Completion)

Escritura usually takes place at the local notary office. The notary monitors that the mediation process is entitled, that all documents are in order, that the purchase price has transferred and that taxes and other costs are paid and that the deed is correctly transferred to the buyer.

Procuração (Power of Attorney)

It is good to give your attorney "Power of Attorney" to represent you when you buy a property in Portugal, if you do not already live here. Then the lawyer can sign the CPCV and also sign all the purchase documents and represent you - even if you are not in the country.


The following documents are needed for the completion of the purchase (Escritura)

  • Caderneta Predial (Tax Registration Document) from Finanças (Tax Office).
  • Certidão de Teor (Land Registry Document)
  • Licença de Habitabilidade (Habitation License)
  • Técnica de Habitação (The Property's Technical Report)
  • The Property’s Plans
  • Identificação Fiscal (Fiscal Number)
  • Energy Rating Certificate.
  • Registo Land Registry office (konservatória do registo predial)


All of the above information can be changed by goverment in any year or time or other decision makers, Källhammer Real Estate can recommend contacts in law and tax issues.