Conversion of Rental to Owner Condominium

Conversion of Rental to Owner Condominium

Conversion of Rental-Condominium to Owner-Condominium, Lars-Åke Källhammer has worked as a real estate agent for almost 40 years in Sweden. He has a extensive experience and exellent knowledge of converting tenants into property owner, that means the tenants of the commercial property is buying the apartments from the buildning (property owner). This can be a big difficult process with several 100 or more tenants or a small process of 30 tenants. The hole property changes status. Lars-Åke has carried out more than 60 Conversion of av Rental-Condominium to a Owner-Condominium, all of them have been a very good deal for the residents.

Buying your apartment instead of renting it also means that you can influence your apartmenmuch more, lower your housing costs and get a substantial increase in value on your investment. This is a business opportunity that tenants should not miss.

Property owners who have questions about how a condominium conversion is done for their property, should contact Lars-Åke Källhammer before anyone else - his experience and knowledge are invaluable and rare. 

This kind of service is only available in Sweden.