About us

About us

Källhammer Real Estate consists of the business partners Ulrica and Lars-Åke Källhammer. Ulrica and Lars-Åke bought their dream home by the sea on the Algarve coast in the spring of 2016, and now lives full-time here since 2017. The married entrepreneurs owned several very successful real estate agencies in the north of Sweden. Lars-Åke is with his 40 years in the brokerage industry, one of Sweden's most experienced and successful real estate agent. During his time as a realtor in Sweden, Lars-Åke participated in more than 10,000 sales and has won many First Prize Awards as the Salesman Of The Year, both in number of sales and total commissions. 

Conversion of Lease-Condominium to Owner-Condominium, Lars-Åke has carried out more than 60 Conversion processes of Lease-Condominium to a Owner-Condominium, all of which have been a very good deal for the residents.

Ulrica was the companies CEO and Operating Manager, her work focused on business management, finance & budget responsibility, designing & implementing of company policies & working methods, sales and marketing strategy, recruitment, building successful sales teams and coaching real estate agents and assistants. Ulrica has always considered that strong positive leadership, employer and employee training, delegation of responsibility and decision making - together with advanced teambuilding, is the key to success and profit for any company. Prior to Ulrica's work in the brokerage industry, her business career has been in various executive positions as Manager, Director and CEO, in sales, customer tum service, retail & recruitment.

Both Lars-Åke and Ulrica are highly result oriented and very motivated, they always strive towards the highest possible customer satisfaction and are very professional, positive and charming people.



Ulrica and Lars-Åke Källhammer are selling their real estate offices in North Sweden (in Swedish)

Ulrica Källhammers new life in the Algarve as a real estate agent (in Swedish)